Fitness for Every Body


Since February 9, 2010

Get off the couch and get into the consciousness of moving.

I started working out with Tala, who is part of my BNI networking group on February 9, 2010. For a very long time, I wanted to change my exercise habits but couldn’t seem to do it. My goals were to get off the couch and get into the consciousness of moving.

After working with Tala, I no longer have pain in my body, I can handle day-to-day physical activities much better, my weight has stabilized, I am getting stronger, and I am very proud of myself when I see what I can now do. I never expected to be able to walk as far as I can now walk, run on the treadmill after having never run in my life, easily open our manual garage door, have muscles in my arms, and successfully complete the exercises that Tala gives me to do. I continue to train with Tala twice a week because I now understand that I need the discipline of someone else holding me to the commitment of exercising. She is just the right amount of tough, fun, and loving, and she really cares. The best way I can put it is, “Tala saved my life!”

Since 2003

Lose 10 lbs and get in shape

I first started working with Tala in 2003 when the 24 Hour Fitness opened in Pacifica. As part of my initial payment I received some sessions with a personal trainer. I was lucky enough to get Tala. At that point I was about 10 pounds heavier than I wanted to be and very out of shape. It had been several years since I had a good exercise program. Tala helped me develop an exercise program that fit my needs. She showed me new exercises and encouraged me to do the exercises that had worked for me before. She also motivated me to eat healthier, mostly by having me keep track of what I was eating. I lost the 10 pounds and physically felt better than I had in years. My favorite exercises I learned from her are the ones that work 3 or 4 parts of my body at one time. She is really creative in her exercises that work the abs, arms and legs all at once. I have developed good core strength and stretching routines that have alleviated back pain I had for years.

Since then I have followed Tala as she has developed her own business. I credit her with helping me maintain my exercise regime. There are times when I slip and don't exercise as I should, and I can count on her to get me back on track. I'm on the "maintenance plan" with Tala now. I don't see her on a regular basis, but go back when I need a jumpstart, or when I just want to see her smiling face. And I always hear her voice when I'm at the gym or at home, encouraging me, reminding me to work just a little harder and eat just a little smarter.

Since 2005

Stay fit to keep up with my grandchildren!

I have to stay fit to keep up with my grandchildren! Tala keeps me on track! After six years, her enthusiasm continues to motivate me. Workout routines never get boring with Tala's expertise in keeping sessions interesting."

Since 2010

To get healthy and in shape before my second pregnancy.

I have known Tala for a long time, not only is she a good friend, mother, wife and community involved but she is a great motivational trainer. I started seeing Tala for personal training to get healthy and in shape before my second pregnancy. Not only did I get in better shape but I felt healthy and vibrant. I continued my three days a week with her while I was pregnant and glad that I did. The results from going into my second pregnancy "in shape and in a workout routine" are amazing as I am only two pounds away from my pre pregnancy weight and can't wait to get back in there. I would highly recommend Tala if you are looking for "PERSONAL" training, not the personal training that you get from any other gym!

Since 2006

Lose weight and get in shape

Lost 137 lbs (and counting!), has run 4 marathons and is training for his 5th.

I cannot begin to describe the feeling of working with Tala to reach my goals. As I've progressed, I literally catch myself in the mirror at times and do not recognize myself. I've had people who have known me for years stare straight at me and not recognize me. "Skinny" was not a word people had used when referring to me for a very long time. As I have progressed with Tala, I've heard it more and more. It is not possible to describe how that feels.

Since 2004

Get my blood pressure and cholesterol levels under control

My doctor was on my case about the need to exercise - I only hiked occasionally for exercise, which the doctor said wasn’t enough. He wanted me to get my blood pressure and cholesterol levels under control, as well as my waistline. I wanted to implement exercise into my weekly routine, something I had never done before.

My doctor rechecked me after 6 months working with Tala and we succeeded in meeting all his goals.

I never expected I would continue working with a trainer, but I find it helpful to have Tala directing me. I can’t seem to remember one exercise from the next. I am much stronger now, and able to lift heavy platters for the catering work I do.

Tala is a great motivator. She is caring not only in proper exercise techniques, but challenges my ability and gives variety to make it fun.

Since 2004 on and off

Become stronger, alleviate neck pain, be fit, and lose weight

I never expected that my posture would improve so much. Tala is a knowledgeable, energetic, outgoing (and patient) person who is VERY good at what she does. I am constantly amazed at how quickly she can change an exercise to attain the same results if a particular move is too difficult for me. Personal training should be just that — personal. I really feel that my program with Tala is tailor-made for me, and really couldn't be more perfect!

Since 2004 on and off

Be fit and lose weight

I was skeptical about getting a trainer, never having done it before. I would still be reluctant choosing someone other than Tala, but her skill, patience and positive attitude made the experience of training very worthwhile.

Since 2004

Maintenance and to move well

My training experience with Tala is terrific! She listens to what I need and knows how to get the most out of me.

Since 2007

To start moving again and try to get into better shape.

I have been working with Tala for a little more than 4 years, since 2008. A good friend was already happily working out with Tala and invited me to join her. I am forever grateful for joining in. Initially, I just wanted to start moving again and to try to get into better shape; and over time I've increased my strength and endurance. Without Tala I would not get in the cardio workouts, because I need the push from her to move at that pace. Last year, my husband started working out with me once a week - it has been a nice way to start the day together. We continue to train with Tala because she works hard to find ways to keep us engaged, and we value her ability to work with us "where we are" while we strive to improve. Tala is friendly, dedicated and enthusiastic about her profession, we are lucky to have her in our lives!

Weight loss (now at 50 pounds!), to feel stronger.

I initially went to Tala after my doctor recommended strength training.

Her knowledge and understanding of her clients' individual needs is what makes her an exceptional trainer.

She customized a program for me and my limitations and adjusts accordingly.

Tala is passionate about helping you reach your health goals, keeping you motivated and having fun with it.

The end results, is just that, you gets results!

I'm feeling great!

Thanks, Tala!

Loose weight and fit into one airplane seat

I was always the big kid in school, at first because I was tall but I became overweight and kept putting on weight throughout my life. I was always pretty active, so I felt like my weight wasn't that big of a deal. In 2010, I seriously injured my ankle and couldn't even walk to maintain my weight. Although I had known about Tala for two years, because my sister had done research on personal trainers in the area, I didn't contact Tala until this injury, when I knew I needed help and was ready to get it. I chose Tala because when we met she was friendly, she listened to my concerns and goals, and she had good knowledge and experience from her training in school and work. I am so glad I chose Tala! It is been one of the best choices of my adult life. I have lost nearly 40 pounds in one year, I feel stronger than ever, and I now fit into one plane seat! Yay! Tala is amazing! She tailors my workouts to match my ability and to work with my injuries, and she pushes me to do things I never thought I could do - but she somehow knows that I can, and it is awesome! I love Tala beyond words and I'm so thankful for her! I can't imagine where I'd be without her.

Since 2008

Build and maintain fitness for travel and other activities in our retirement years.

My wife and I have been training with Tala for over 2 years now. Our basic goal is to build and maintain fitness for travel and other activities in our retirement years. We train together with Tala, because she is so good at adapting her programs to our individual levels and objectives. Fitness training isn’t naturally our favorite thing to do every week, but if anyone can make it fun, it’s Tala!